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GunVsGun is an interesting Canadian youtube channel with 6 Million subscribers. There are more than 10 Youtube channels similar to GunVsGun. These are not GunVsGun exact replicas. However, the 10 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like GunVsGun, you might like PDK Films, Aaron Esser, King Kousky, Nukazooka and KAMIWAZA.

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About GunVsGun

Nerf war videos by Nerf brothers GunVsGun! The craziest Nerf wars on YouTube! If you love Nerf guns you will love the GunVsGun channel.

Our epic Nerf videos are loaded with Nerf blasters, crazy action, and twisted comedy. Whether in our Nerf unboxing and review videos or in our all out Nerf battles action is non-stop.

This ain't no Nerf gun game... we're playing for keeps! So if you want to be prepared for the Nerf Zombie Apocalypse.

We have Nerf First Person Shooter videos FPS style! Like Call of Duty but with Nerf blasters!

Oh and make sure to subscribe to GunVsGun for future Nerf videos and turn on your NOTIFICATION BELL!

Country: Canada

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