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Hevesh5 is an interesting American youtube channel with 4 Million subscribers. There are more than 12 Youtube channels similar to Hevesh5. These are not Hevesh5 exact replicas. However, the 12 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Hevesh5, you might like Cool Tool Shorts, EverXFun, The Secret Life of my Hamster, Mister Hamster and Magnet World.

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About Hevesh5

I design, build, and topple dominoes to make beautifully intricate chain reactions. Join the H5 Domino Community, and be sure to subscribe if you like what you see! :) Learn more about my work and buy dominoes at Hevesh5.com.

“H5 Domino Creations” is my own brand of precision-engineered dominoes & accessories, which I designed specifically for toppling. Made in collaboration with Spin Master, each domino is manufactured using the highest quality materials for the best toppling performance. Pick up a set at Hevesh5.com/buydominoes

Need a Domino Artist? I can do advertisements, logos, intros, events, product placement, and more custom Domino Art:

For business inquiries only: [email protected]
For all other non-business related emails: [email protected]

♢ I started building dominoes when I was 9 years old (September, 2008)
♢ I own over 100,000 dominoes
♢ My personal domino record is 32,000 (750K with a group)
♢ How did I get into dominoes? I searched "dominoes" on YouTube

Country: United States

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