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Lavendaire is an interesting American youtube channel with 2 Million subscribers. There are more than 10 Youtube channels similar to Lavendaire. These are not Lavendaire exact replicas. However, the 10 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Lavendaire, you might like Sanne Vloet, Jeanine Amapola, Tina Yong, Fit Tuber and Vicky Justiz.

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About Lavendaire

Hi, I'm Aileen! Lavendaire is a channel about personal growth + lifestyle design, where I share knowledge and inspiration about creating your dream life. ✨

Lavendaire is for the dreamers who believe. For those who are smart, curious, and conscious, with an open mind, a love for learning, and a deep desire to live a brilliant and vibrant life.

In short, Lavendaire is for the artist of life.

// Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece. //

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Aileen Xu
PO Box 296
Brea, CA 92822

Country: United States

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