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Oddly Satisfying is an interesting Japanese youtube channel with 2 Million subscribers. There are more than 14 Youtube channels similar to Oddly Satisfying. These are not Oddly Satisfying exact replicas. However, the 14 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Oddly Satisfying, you might like NICOLE SKYES, The Best Satisfying, Now I've Seen Everything, asmr zeitgeist and Hydraulic Press Channel.

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About Oddly Satisfying

Welcome to Oddly Satisfying™, the #1 channel for oddly satisfying, relaxing & sleep inducing content. We create original satisfying videos and publish them on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and soon on Facebook on a daily basis. Our high-quality videos along with their original ASMR audio provides the calming, smooth & oddly satisfying vibe, many of our viewers enjoy so much. We take community feedback very seriously & never use clickbait/misleading thumbnails, titles, etc. Besides original videos, we purchase & exclusively license worldwide creative, satisfying, mesmerizing & artistic videos.

SUBMISSION: Although we are always hard at work to film & deliver a wide variety of original satisfying videos produced in house, we always welcome your video ideas as to what we should film in our upcoming videos.

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Country: Japan

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