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Preppy Kitchen is an interesting American youtube channel with 3 Million subscribers. There are more than 20 Youtube channels similar to Preppy Kitchen. These are not Preppy Kitchen exact replicas. However, the 20 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Preppy Kitchen, you might like Tasty, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, You Suck At Cooking and America's Test Kitchen.

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About Preppy Kitchen

Hi and welcome to Preppy Kitchen! This channel is for people who love food and enjoy learning new recipes and techniques so you can make delicious dishes to share with your family and friends! You'll find new videos every Tuesday and Thursday with step-by-step insturctions so you can make anything with confidence. I’m John Kanell, a husband, dad to twins Lachlan and George, Los Angeles native, and an avid baker and cooker of all things delicious thanks to a life long education from my mother. My mom cooked every meal we had and I loved spending time with her in the kitchen watching, helping, and learning as she made everything from scratch.
After finishing my degree in fine arts at UCLA I spent just over a decade teaching math and science to wonderful 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. A few years ago I decided to get back to my roots and Preppy Kitchen was born! For me the most satisfying part of making any dish is sharing it, so I started blogging to bring what I make to all of you.

Country: United States

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