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Remus Bujor is an interesting British youtube channel with 3 Million subscribers. There are more than 10 Youtube channels similar to Remus Bujor. These are not Remus Bujor exact replicas. However, the 10 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Remus Bujor, you might like Devilish Emoji, CrazyDek, 葉式特工 Yes Ranger, RATATA COOL! and Fact Trilogy.

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About Remus Bujor

Welcome to my YouTube channel, My name is Remus and I am from London.
I am a Digital Content Creator on Tiktok and Instagram. I hope that you enjoy my videos, the goal is to inspire you and make you smile. So, what I do is Men Fashion, Products Review, Comedy & Trends...etc
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For collaborations, DM me at [email protected]

Country: United Kingdom

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