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VICE Asia is an interesting Singaporean youtube channel with 1 Million subscribers. There are more than 10 Youtube channels similar to VICE Asia. These are not VICE Asia exact replicas. However, the 10 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like VICE Asia, you might like VICE, VICE TV, VICE News, DW Documentary and ABC News In-depth.

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About VICE Asia

Uncovering the wild, weird and wondrous in the far reaches of the world, VICE Asia is the definitive guide to the best of the region.

From food to identity to lifestyle to art, we trace the soul of Asian to Polynesian cultural traditions, and follow the pulse of growing youth subcultures, putting the largest and smallest continents' collective diversity on display. Always informative, occasionally controversial and often bizarre, it's VICE's trademark ground-breaking stories - in Asia, on Asia, for Asia.


Country: Singapore

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