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Prasadtechintelugu is an interesting Indian youtube channel with 3 Million subscribers. There are more than 19 Youtube channels similar to Prasadtechintelugu. These are not Prasadtechintelugu exact replicas. However, the 19 channels are so similar that many of their fans love them. If you like Prasadtechintelugu, you might like DAY TRADER తెలుగు, Mrwhosetheboss, Marques Brownlee, VaasuTechVlogs and Trakin Shorts.

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Technology , Smartphone Reviews , Unboxing Gadgets , Electronics , Gadget Reviews, Tech videos, Tech Q&A , Technews
Welcome to prasadtechintelugu - Telugu technology channel where you get to see tech and gadget videos in Telugu language My ultimate aim is to educate Telugu people about latest technology & gadgets
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Country: India

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